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April 12, 2009

And so,

crackles of laughters all sound louder.

And so,

water runs down the dishes in the kitchen and

leftover food into the sink


like old nightmares






The wave

March 31, 2009


Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson


A couple of days ago Bellesbits sent a poem to the rest of Ombak members via facebook. It was a beautiful poem by Emily Dickinson. It had a big impact too. Reading it was like being punched in the balls (if we had ones).


A Suitable Read

November 25, 2008

Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth

Hail Muse. Dear Reader, 🙂

I have just finished reading Vikram Seth’s very long novel (it’s around 1,400 pages) A Suitable Boy (a week ago) and his novel-in-verse The Golden Gate (last night).

And I can say that I am now officially a fan of Seth’s.



October 19, 2008

come, child, sit in front of me

come, child, listen to my story

of scintilla

and the mirror –

hiding in your glimmering reflection.

living without voice or soul,

laughing right there. in front of you –

staring through



Stairway to the little death

September 27, 2008
"lost stairway" - Raphael Goetter

"lost stairway" by Raphael Goetter

There was a lull.
She peeled her clothes off and her lips grew crooked.
Step one. Transcending.
He was vivid in her mind. Every curve, every crevice.
The hollow of his hip, a path carved in bone.
The scent of his musk.
She closed her eyes. She was climbing.