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My New Best Friend Forever

May 7, 2009

I am obsessed with Paris Hilton’s show My New BFF. The other day at work I was editing a business story about the lease financing arrangements of one of Indonesia’s budget airlines. Hawt. I started thinking about how Paris owned her own plane and therefore didn’t have to worry when she flew her potential best buddies to Los Vegas to hunt for men to bring back to her bachelorette pad.

Now my gym workouts are scheduled around Paris. The staff at fitness first told me I should do more weights and yoga, but I try to do cardio so I can be close to the tv. The other day I forgot my headphones and was devastaed: I wouldn’t be able to hear Paris’s voice.Now she’s started interrupting my dreams. She walks in on my set when I’m dreaming of home, or being in the mountains, there she is. She never, ever leaves me. (more…)

Sexx Laws

October 30, 2008

Oh, Abu Bakar Bashir. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s your lips, cherry red, almost pulsing with sexuality. Your stare, beady, all knowing. Your lazy bedroom eye, oh, yes, point me in the right direction.  That hand, held ever so slightly effeminately, it keeps me wondering, you mystery man you.

So. Much. Desire. So. Very. Very. Illegal.

Yeah. So. New Pornography bill. Awesome stuff. It got passed today, in great urgency to protect woman and children.

In fact, Indonesia’s been so caught up in the banning of sexual desire that they’re still mulling over whether a 43-year-old Muslim cleric who married a 12-year-old girl called Ulfa has done anything wrong.


The Frankenstein of Feminism

October 23, 2008

“The beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.”
Dr. Victor Frankenstein, upon viewing his creation.

The rise of Sarah Palin has been a great source of amusement to me, a teeny weeeeny bit because of the distress it’s brought on the liberal women’s movement, leftists, et. al. (more…)

The big issues

October 22, 2008
Self portrait

Moving to Indonesia has been a time for self-reflection... blog style.

My arse has always been sizable, and I have always had a beer belly, even before the first pint of amber ever passed through my lips. In other words, I’m a fat chick (or “curvy” “larger” “plus size” or whatever other euphemism you want to use to describe being a person who needs to buy those knickers that Bridget Jones was embarrassed about wearing).

It’s taken a while for me to feel relatively comfortable with this, and I’m probably still somewhat in denial. And yes, I try and be healthy, but frankly team sports don’t rate highly on my personal priority list and I really like food. So judge away if you want… head over to the Daily Telegraph to join the chorus of people throwing around lines like “lazy burdens on the taxpayer” and “strain on the health system”. Have fun.

This blog rant isn’t about that. (more…)

Relationships: why men should drive

September 25, 2008
Princess knows Mario likes to take the wheel

Princess Peach knows Mario likes to take the wheel

I’m Indonesian, born in Indonesia, raised in Indonesia. However, I was not raised to be submissive to men. Neither was I raised to think that women are the same as men. No, I was raised in an environment where women are women and men are men, with their strengths and weaknesses. I was raised to believe that men and women are born to complete one another, not to dominate over one another, nor to equal one another. (more…)

Introductions and endings

August 26, 2008

This is Om’bak. One day we will write an About US section, but that requires us to know exactly what we are. Om’bak is a work in progress and we will allow it to evolve. For the moment we are a bunch of women living in Jakarta (demographic likely to change) blogging about what concerns us.

Selamat datang. (more…)