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One Dinner Conversation

November 30, 2008

This rare finding from an Indonesian language text book in

“Dear, what’s with all the food?” asked a mother to a daughter during dinner.

“Well, I read in a magazine┬áthat the key to a healthy diet is to get yourself thinking that you can eat anything, anytime and anywhere,” answered the daughter, preparing to go into the details of why the slight shift in view point can make the largest difference.

The father glanced at the amount of food the young lady had fixed up for herself and muttered, “Why don’t you just eat the magazine?”

The ABC’s of JKT (part one)

October 9, 2008
Bundaran HI

Bundaran HI

I have been living in Jakarta for exactly 10 years this year, so as my ode to this endearingly dodgy city, I have written a guide (in alphabetical order, of course) of what Jakarta means to me. As the whole article is super-long and will probably wear out your enthusiasm after the letter K, I will divide it into 4 parts. This is part one: A to F.