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First impressions

November 17, 2008
Jakarta haze

Jakarta haze

Jakarta is a series of choked arteries, tangled. Motorbikes weave around stuck SUVs and taxis, while the roads collapse under the weight, potholed and vulnerable.

The city is manic and gasping for fresh air. Smog traps the heat and they swirl together, suffocating the millions below.



The Night Men

September 11, 2008

In nineteenth century Paris, Charles Baudelaire would have called them flaneurs, the gentlemen strollers of the city’s streets, the detached observers of their surroundings. I found them on my night runs. Dozens of middle-aged men with their hands grasped at the smalls of their backs, wandering Jakarta’s streets quietly in the dark.

How is it that a place so infused with smog and mess could have produced such beautiful specimens of the city philosopher? (more…)

Road work

September 4, 2008

Insect MaskThere’s a strand of psychology that believes there’s a link between our modern urbanized existences and the high rates of depression and suicide around the world.

Eco-psychology does attract more than its fair share of hippies, who use this theory as an excuse to hold workshops where one makes symbolic love to trees.*