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The torture of a non-story

September 16, 2008

The biggest let down as a journalist is when one has to write a non-story that does not have any news values. It’s a disaster.

Chris Onstad comic strip Achewood

Chris Onstad comic strip Achewood

It’s like a chef of a restaurant trying to make a nice wholesome meal with the crappiest minimal ingredients. Wouldn’t the chef feel irritated for having to serve the people who came to the restaurant with blah food? Wouldn’t the customers feel cheated? (more…)

Mystery, intrigue, gender and guitars

September 1, 2008


So we have wrapped up the first week of blogging. I have since regretted not making my blog posts anonymous. Paradoxically, I feel I would divulge more personal information if I had not disclosed my identity. I should’ve made my identity a mystery, (more…)