The wave



Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson


A couple of days ago Bellesbits sent a poem to the rest of Ombak members via facebook. It was a beautiful poem by Emily Dickinson. It had a big impact too. Reading it was like being punched in the balls (if we had ones).

It seems like I have visited facebook more often for mindless stalking and useless procrastination than expressing my thoughts through writings in our beloved Ombakblog. How else can Bellesbits wake me from my months-long hiatus but through sending a note via the notorious facebook. 




Here’s the poem:


We send the Wave to find the Wave —

An Errand so divine,

The Messenger enamored too,

Forgetting to return,

We make the wise distinction still,

Soever made in vain,

The sagest time to dam the sea is when the sea is gone

— Emily Dickinson


The poem creeped me out in so many ways. Beautiful and eerie coincidences. 

It’s beautiful, when out of the blue, Belle found a Dickinson poem that can reminds us of a task we forgot, wrapped in words talking about waves and sea. A poem about Ombak. 


It’s eerie as it reminds us of a very recent disaster.

“The sagest time to dam the sea is when the sea is gone”. Last week, walls of a dam burst, swept villages and drowned more than 90 people. The force of water, the wave too powerful. Just like in the poem, the lake is gone.


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4 Responses to “The wave”

  1. nyscha Says:

    but we do have balls, anandaayu, bigger than most men I’ve met 🙂

  2. bilangela Says:

    it’s very exciting to be back!

  3. anandaayu Says:

    We do, we do have balls! I feel very excited too. Semangat!

  4. Windra Says:

    Hi…. posting terakhirku tentang fan page say no Megawati for preseident yang didukung oleh 100 ribu user facebook, mampir ya….

    Thanks admin…:P

    *blogwalking mode on*

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