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To Eat or Not to Eat, that Is the Question

January 18, 2009
A sign saying <i>jangan makan</i> or <i>don't eat</i> that can be found in the smoking lounge of 'Menara Batavia'

A sign saying "jangan makan" or don't eat that can be found inside the smoking lounge of 'Menara Batavia'

Orwell, the original blogger

December 4, 2008

I have loved George Orwell since my mother handed me a musty-smelling copy of “Animal Farm”, at age 10, and I read what I then thought was a farmyard fairytale about mean pigs.

“1984” was responsible for a good portion of my nightmares during the year I turned 14, and my general approach to politics from then on.

It wasn’t until my early 20s I discovered, via a former love, Orwell’s “As I Please” opinion pieces originally published in the Tribune newspaper in the early 1940s. The flame fizzled with the boyfriend but George and I were still ooooooon.

Just this year, things got a little stalker-ish. I chanced upon a copy of a biography of Orwell’s — and I began to worry about the delight I gained from reading Orwell’s — who in real life always went by his real name, Eric Arthur Blair — personal diaries in the book. His journals are full of daily entries like “two eggs” (describing the number his chickens had laid for the day, and further evidence that exciting writers often have boring, placid lives). I thought I was the only sad nerd who’d dig this kind of stuff- until I found this — Eric’s diaries, now in blog form. (more…)

And, perhaps, the words of others

November 27, 2008

On days like today you question what you and your little words really contribute to the world.

When things like Mumbai happen, as my good friend Jemise says, all you have is silence.

It’s in that silence that you can listen to writers far greater than yourself, who have seen things you never will.

Grab a hot cup of coffee (or tea, if you must), go to your quiet room, and listen to Chris Abani

One for the dark days. A reminder of why we do what we do.


September 28, 2008


A 2006 illustration for my poem of the same title, I Do Not Love Thee.

A 2006 illustration of my poem of the same title, I Do Not Love Thee.

I am not my words am not my clothes am not my hair am not my friends am not my affiliations am not my parents am not my lovers am not my body am not my gods am not my demons am not the books I read am not the movies I watch am not my money am not my investments am not my country am not my sex partners am not my orgasms am not the drugs I take am not the literary movement am not the public service announcements am not the television shows am not my thoughts am not the images in the mirror am not my roles in the society am not in denial am not what you’d like me to think I am. (more…)