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A Drunken Kartini Day With the Boys

April 23, 2010

I was kicking myself last month when I realised that International Women’s Day had crept up on me and that I had no time to prepare a celebratory night out, or at least a rant of some sort to have published.

And the same thing happened to me on Tuesday night. “Do you know it’s Kartini Day tomorrow?” my housemate asked me.  

For those of you who don’t know, the late Raden Ajeng Kartini in 1903 established Indonesia’s first primary school for girls that offered an education regardless of social status, and she is still today Indonesia’s most-celebrated feminist.

To honour this pioneer, a little establishment down the road from my place put on an event to raise money to buy books for kids. The idea was to have 21 women behind the bar pouring drinks, as the day is celebrated on April 21, Kartini’s birthday.

But as my housemate and I stepped into the bar, we realised that these ad hoc bartenders were not just ordinary women. These were particularly attractive women, many of whom, we later found out, were professional models and socialites.


The Frankenstein of Feminism

October 23, 2008

“The beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.”
Dr. Victor Frankenstein, upon viewing his creation.

The rise of Sarah Palin has been a great source of amusement to me, a teeny weeeeny bit because of the distress it’s brought on the liberal women’s movement, leftists, et. al. (more…)

The big issues

October 22, 2008
Self portrait

Moving to Indonesia has been a time for self-reflection... blog style.

My arse has always been sizable, and I have always had a beer belly, even before the first pint of amber ever passed through my lips. In other words, I’m a fat chick (or “curvy” “larger” “plus size” or whatever other euphemism you want to use to describe being a person who needs to buy those knickers that Bridget Jones was embarrassed about wearing).

It’s taken a while for me to feel relatively comfortable with this, and I’m probably still somewhat in denial. And yes, I try and be healthy, but frankly team sports don’t rate highly on my personal priority list and I really like food. So judge away if you want… head over to the Daily Telegraph to join the chorus of people throwing around lines like “lazy burdens on the taxpayer” and “strain on the health system”. Have fun.

This blog rant isn’t about that. (more…)

Introductions and endings

August 26, 2008

This is Om’bak. One day we will write an About US section, but that requires us to know exactly what we are. Om’bak is a work in progress and we will allow it to evolve. For the moment we are a bunch of women living in Jakarta (demographic likely to change) blogging about what concerns us.

Selamat datang. (more…)