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Joking of catching the terrorist

August 18, 2009


My boyfriend used to joke of how Indonesians don’t have a good sense of humor. Oh, Indonesians joke and laugh but more often on stuff that are actually not funny. TV producers use slapstick comedy and shallow riddles in their comedy shows and get high ratings for that to the frustration of media workers working for them. Very rarely do we use irony.


And, perhaps, the words of others

November 27, 2008

On days like today you question what you and your little words really contribute to the world.

When things like Mumbai happen, as my good friend Jemise says, all you have is silence.

It’s in that silence that you can listen to writers far greater than yourself, who have seen things you never will.

Grab a hot cup of coffee (or tea, if you must), go to your quiet room, and listen to Chris Abani

One for the dark days. A reminder of why we do what we do.

Words, just words, and a moment of silence

November 27, 2008

The words “blogging”, “blogger” and “blog” have started to appear on our … um … blog of late. It seems we avoided the terms for so long despite our web address and our use of “I”.

It’s all happening this week. Ananda Ayu and I attended the nerdiest of nerd conventions, Pesta Blogger. Om’bak finally created a blog roll, tapping into the broader blogosphere. And we received much-appreciated kudos from much-respected blogger Jakartass.

Even in my short career as a “person who regularly uploads her thoughts onto the web”, coming up with something of some substance to say on a weekly basis is not always simple.

Now the thing with blogging is that it is just so: