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And now for a bit of revisionism

May 15, 2010

After months of living in Amsterdam, avoiding the tourist traps, I finally went to the Rijksmuseum, the national museum of the Netherlands. Among the marble busts of war heros and large paintings of Dutch colonial ships, I spent a lot of time staring at paintings of Batavia.

Pieter Cnoll, senior merchant of Batavia, his wife and their daughters.


Check these places out if you have time

December 16, 2008

I haven’t been able to allocate a time to think and write something that’s a little bit insightful that will be worth your time to read.

But in the last 2-weeks, I have gone to some pretty cool places.

In Random order:


Stairway to the little death

September 27, 2008
"lost stairway" - Raphael Goetter

"lost stairway" by Raphael Goetter

There was a lull.
She peeled her clothes off and her lips grew crooked.
Step one. Transcending.
He was vivid in her mind. Every curve, every crevice.
The hollow of his hip, a path carved in bone.
The scent of his musk.
She closed her eyes. She was climbing.