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Bad ass blogging crimes

November 24, 2008

A day after Pesta Blogger and the celebration of Indonesia’s bloggers, seems our hoster WordPress has been called to help the Jakarta Police fight the heinous crimes going around on the interwebs- in this case, someone posting a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad.

It contradicts some law made this year by “disseminating information which would create rivalry among religious communities.” Apparently.

What’s really confused me is a quote by Jakarta City Police ( I’m getting this from via the Jakarta Post):

City Police special crimes director Commissioner Raja Erizman said police had traced the website and found it was created outside Indonesia.

Hmmm. Maybe I is stupid, but couldn’t that make things a bit inconvenient for the city police, given they usually have jurisdiction limited to Jakarta? Let alone staying within Indonesia. They’re gonna be making some work for themselves if they’ve decided to apply Indonesian law to the whole of the crazy world of web. (more…)

Om’bak’s got no friends

November 20, 2008

Blogging. I’m a blogger. Shudder. I still can’t bring myself to give myself a label indicating that I log into a free online content management system, and type my feeeeeelings into a little box which I then post. Hoping someone, somewhere in the world will read it.

I had psychological hurdles to overcome before I started this. Years of “mainstream” journalism training had taught me to regard these blogging types as self-indulgent amateurs (writing in the first person, tsk tsk) who were directly responsible for the free-fall decline of the daily newspapers I had coveted employment from for so long. Crossing over to the dark side was only possible in the form of a group attempt with Om’bak. There’s not as much self-lovin’ if you’re doing it with five other people!

But the ‘blogosphere’ (ohhh, lingo!) has long overcome such anxieties and moved onto far more complex phenomena: blogging etiquette. (more…)