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A Suitable Read

November 25, 2008

Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth

Hail Muse. Dear Reader, 🙂

I have just finished reading Vikram Seth’s very long novel (it’s around 1,400 pages) A Suitable Boy (a week ago) and his novel-in-verse The Golden Gate (last night).

And I can say that I am now officially a fan of Seth’s.



September 28, 2008


A 2006 illustration for my poem of the same title, I Do Not Love Thee.

A 2006 illustration of my poem of the same title, I Do Not Love Thee.

I am not my words am not my clothes am not my hair am not my friends am not my affiliations am not my parents am not my lovers am not my body am not my gods am not my demons am not the books I read am not the movies I watch am not my money am not my investments am not my country am not my sex partners am not my orgasms am not the drugs I take am not the literary movement am not the public service announcements am not the television shows am not my thoughts am not the images in the mirror am not my roles in the society am not in denial am not what you’d like me to think I am. (more…)