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Angela Dewan is an Australian freelance journalist with Indian heritage living in Indonesia. One of her dreams is to see better freedom of expression around the world, so she always tries to say it like it is, hence the name bilangela (bilang is Indonesian for “say”).

She is enchanted by Indonesia and has for more than two years written on the politics, gender and social issues, and arts that make the country so fascinating and inspiring. She has also been known to sing a tune or two.

Check out her online portfolio here.

Things Outside

Jemise Anning is a writer, a beach bumpkin and an extraordinary dancer. After living in Jakarta for a year, she is traveling around Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Canada and into the depths of Australian suburbia.

Irritated that honesty doesn’t necessarily play a part in mainstream media, she is interested in the construction of stories and how people come to certain conclusions.

Jemise will have arrived on the literary scene when stuffy intellectuals converse over wine and cheese about the pronunciation of her somewhat bogan name.

She also blogs here.

Belle’s Bits

Belinda Lopez enjoys sharing her bits with everybody, and is more than happy to do so for Om’bak. Her bits are, of course, her reflective meditations on the nature of the world, and the course Indonesia is taking in the twenty-first century. Just to be clear.

She has been somewhat seduced by Indonesia, or at least being overseas, and wants to continue to exist in this state for some time. Also the Australian media job scene right now is as tight as a pig’s arse so that probably makes things easier.

She will at least take into consideration her mother’s pleas that she return to Australia in the future to breed grandchildren in her general life plans. Her journalism portfolio is here.

Ananda Ayu

Ananda Ayu which translates as ‘beautiful child’ in English is the nom de plume of Prodita Sabarini. She is a Javanese Indonesian journalist based in Jakarta and would like to believe that she has the beauty of the endless curiosity of a child.

Inspired by the likes of journalist Eric Arthur Blair who adopted the pen name George Orwell when writing his famous novels and essays, she decided to get one of her own.

She is very much drawn to human rights issues, believing that freedom is the fundamental rights of a human being. She has written a number of articles on the topic, which includes articles on migrant workers, religious rights, gay rights, and on HIV/AIDS prevention.

She is learning French. She loves hot chocolate and is a sucker for eggplant.

Lovelli Ariesti

Lovelli Ariesti is born in Indonesia. She spent her childhood in different places in the country, from the cities in Riau, West Sumatra, to the Jakarta, where she has been a teacher, lecturer, researcher, journalist and radio announcer. Of all of these, she enjoys writing the most.

She is a passionate person fascinated by women who are consistent in what they are doing, and she simply luuuuurves reading wonderful poetry and short stories–as well as writing them. She is currently learning the art of reading novels and long, thick books.

She has a thing for coffee, loving and living well, and is currently revamping her fashion sense.


On her birth certificate, only one word is written as her name: Annisa. It wasn’t until she arrived in Montreal, Canada at the age of 5 that she had to adopt a last name for administrative purposes. And thus Annisa Dharma was created. She is one-half Sumatran, one-fourth Javanese and one-fourth Chinese but a true Canuck at heart.

She spent most of her childhood as a nomad, always moving around and constantly socializing with total strangers. This upbringing is responsible for making her into the curious, excitable, adventurous and cynical woman she is now.

She studied Graphic Design at Trisakti University (sneak a peek at her design portfolio here) but because she’s a restless little unstable b***h, she switched passions and is currently working at Time Out Jakarta as an editor. Even so, writing has always been her first passion, the 1993 Coronation School Spelling Bee trophy that sits on her shelf proves it.

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