In transition, on a mission


I started 2009 cutting my hair really short. I’m leaving it to grow as I leave it. I have a mission. I’m in transition.

In 2009, I loved, I hid, I pretended, I lost, I told the truth, I hurt, I forgive, I made friends, I got inspired, I struggled, I worked hard, I learn.

I am now in waiting, which makes me nervous. Future possibilities fill my heart with excitement. But the thought of failure scares me and puts me down in seconds. Jakarta is like a demanding lover that you love and hate simultaneously. Or at least, that is how I feel.

If things don’t go as planned. I will view my life like in Greek tragic art. It’s easier to endure failure if you can blame it on superhuman gods. After that, I will try again.


One Response to “In transition, on a mission”

  1. lovelli Says:

    Jakarta is like a demanding lover that you love and hate simultaneously. What an analysis.

    There has been circulating rumors about plans of finding another capital city to replace the flailing Jakarta. But I’m not sure that the city is ready for a breakup.

    Perhaps somewhere across the oceans, an inventor or a billionaire is putting “resurrect Jakarta” on his or her New Year’s resolution. Imagine how grand and wonderful it would be if this person would begin, first, with a self-organizing system to clean gutters and then on providing free–drinkable–drinking water.

    Just the way a little meet up and smell the coffee would do good to a demanding relationship, I’m now reminded of a part of the lyric of a song from Starship: we build this city on rock and roll.

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