Joking of catching the terrorist



My boyfriend used to joke of how Indonesians don’t have a good sense of humor. Oh, Indonesians joke and laugh but more often on stuff that are actually not funny. TV producers use slapstick comedy and shallow riddles in their comedy shows and get high ratings for that to the frustration of media workers working for them. Very rarely do we use irony.

Myself, I have given up hope to be funny. Every time I try to crack a joke, I failed. Usually people laugh at me (for being clumsy or being too gullible). I don’t have lots of recollections of people laughing with me on a joke that I made.

So, I was amused when I read the news yesterday about a neighborhood in Cipondoh, Tangerang, holding a “Catch the terrorist” game for kids during Independence Day celebration or 17-an. I think the game was actually funny.

Children were divided into groups of five and were given group names such as Detachement 88 (the antiterror squad) and Special Forces (Kopassus). Their mission was to catch the “terrorists”, which were ducks with pictures of terrort suspect Noordin M Top and Saeful Jaelani.

I guess, after the July bombings at Mega Kuningan and the recent terrorist raid in Bekasi and Temanggung, which killed the florist believed to be the mastermind of Mega Kuningan hotels bombings. People need to detach themselves from the situation. Especially with Top still elusive as ever.

When I first read about the game, I stopped and thought, “Is this appropriate? Should we be joking about catching terrorists? Should people laugh on this matter?” Also, as people held the game during Independence Day celebration, was this to humor themselves because up to now, Top has yet to be captured?

Whatever it is, I think the game was funny. And as people now have to be constantly vigilant and be cautious for any suspicious thing in the neighborhood, it’s good that people can relax from the terror for a couple of hours.


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5 Responses to “Joking of catching the terrorist”

  1. Fergus Says:

    Agreed, except I wonder if the ducks were terrorized to provide the kids / onlookers with that comic relief?

    What goes around comes around.

  2. Lovelli Says:

    When learning another language, there’s usually that moment where one finds comfort in understanding a joke in that specific language. And then laughing no longer becomes a struggle, although I don’t remember one such moments involving any Indonesian jokes. I share your confusions.

  3. Made to Order Says:

    Ananda Ayu, you are funny. I laugh with you all the time. It’s just that I laugh AT you more.

  4. Lovelli Says:

    Ah, I feel glad that I’m not a terrorist. Sometimes I wonder, though, if it’s normal to feel terrorized by the sounds of laughter and TV advertisements.

  5. penamalam Says:

    Slapstick jokes are so underrated. Why is it that the cynical too often appears as the esteemed?

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