Take me home country roads

There's a long drive ahead, hope you brought your iPod.

There's a long drive ahead, hope you brought your iPod.

Ah 2009.

Last year has flown by so fast, with so many changes that wash over me day by day, that I don’t really consider this a new year. January 1st was just a day where I had an excuse to drink more than the usual dose, dress up in a frilly smock and radiate with (sometimes pseudo) positivity. But! The one thing that always makes January 1st an extremely wonderful day to anticipate is the friends and family. Everyone says hi to everyone and everyone smiles on that day and you forget all the red bills on your fridge door. Good feeling, the euphoria over traditions, it makes me feel simple and orange.

A lot of new things have been happening to me prior to January first. A new job. A new relationship status. A tattoo (my first, of many, I’m sure, considering my compulsion to use to the point of abuse the things I adore). A new haircut. A new sense of boredom. A new sense of appreciation. A new attitude of who gives a shite. A new 4 year plan. A new and (may I add) sanity-killing credit card debt. A new perspective on love and hate, want and need, trust and deception. A new fixation of home decor. A new understanding of friendship. A new sense of freedom. A new way to dance to life’s tunes, along with a new way to walk (and not run anymore) down the long road home.

“When you’re driving through the journey of life, glance at your rear view, inspect your side view, but keep your eyes on the road.” Someone once told me this. I don’t have the ability to actually drive but if I did I always thought my biggest worry would be about cleaning the windshield after too may insects squashing themselves on it and also the ever-recurring bird shit phenomena. But I’m not going to worry about anything else but the road now. (Bird) shit happens, squeegees and trust can mend all.

Cheers to new beginnings and old friends.


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2 Responses to “Take me home country roads”

  1. Bellesbits Says:

    yay! posting resumes!

    what does your tat look like?

  2. nyscha Says:

    I wanna show you in person! Let’s meet up sometime 🙂

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