How to make male virility potion out of a cobra in Kota


snake1To avoid Om’bak becoming something of a feminist coven, I thought we should even out the discussion on sexuality and have a post on the boys.

Well, actually that’s not entirely fair. I suppose I know a few males who would hesitate to associate their sexuality with the practice of drinking snake blood. Whateva. I wanna show you the photos already. From a medicinal warung in Kota, North Jakarta.

Don’t look at this if you’ve got a weak stomach, are particularly sensitive or likely to get ideas.

 See slideshow here. Don’t forget to click ‘show info’ to see the captions.


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9 Responses to “How to make male virility potion out of a cobra in Kota”

  1. hedi Says:


    That’s myth, after all. I just believe it as a medicine, nothing more. By the way, the photos are wonderful.

  2. Suicidalcat Says:

    I notice that bellesbits’ posts almost always have something to do with sex…

    Not that I mind it.. er.. mind you.

  3. Bellesbits Says:

    Suicidal cat, you know very well that is not true! Click all the tags for sex on this site, and you’ll find the female orgasm, male expat etc posts are not mine!
    My om’bak sisters are far more sex-crazed than me!
    I write only to support the pornography law and about male viagra! Gimmea break!

  4. Suicidalcat Says:

    Wha… okaaay. I stand corrected. I shoulda said ombak posts.

    Again, not a bad thing.

  5. Jen Says:

    Poor old cobras… when I lived in Mampang I used to regularly drive past a snake drink place on Jl Tendean. Their sign featured vividly drawn rearing cobras – and handbags! At least nothing goes to waste. We were told in Vietnam that girls aren’t allowed to drink the cobra wine there, it’s meant to make men strong. We get the scorpion drink (i passed). And since you’re a vego Belle, did you imbibe?

  6. frizzy Says:

    Halo sobat, salam kenal dari frizzy.
    Happy New Year 1430 H and 2009 AD.
    God bless you, may you have better life, better sex and better achievement.

    Cheers, frizzy2008.

  7. kenji Says:

    I like their meat… tasty 😀 but I never drink their blood

  8. Whirlpool Says:

    Go on this way.You found an interesting issue to develop.


  9. #WTF Wednesday: Cobra Kills Man Twenty Minutes After It Was Decapitated « 93.1 Jack FM Says:

    […] a cobras head in the first place, its because in Chinese and Asian cuisine, the venom of a cobra is often used as a male virility poison. Yep, like a super dangerous Viagra in soup form. The “uplifting” soup is a coveted […]

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