Check these places out if you have time


I haven’t been able to allocate a time to think and write something that’s a little bit insightful that will be worth your time to read.

But in the last 2-weeks, I have gone to some pretty cool places.

In Random order:

1. Sunset Gecko Gili Meno

A chilled out place in a small sand island in Gili Meno, north west of Lombok. If you’re thinking of taking a holiday, this is the place to go.

Highlights: White sand beaches, swimming with turtles, natural soap bars.

Wooden gecko

Wooden gecko

To get there: Fly to Bali from Jakarta and catch a fast boat to Gili Trawangan and then hop on another boat to Gili Meno.

2. Ruru Gallery. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 6

A gallery that shows works of young emerging artist of Jakarta. Currently there’s an exhibition on the works of Aprilia Apsari, vocalist of The White Shoes and The Couple’s Company. (Best Indonesian Indie band according to Hai magazine and one of the 25 most crushworthy pop-bands in 2006 according to Her painting style, just as her singing style, is 1950s retro art, with a very Indonesian feel.

Rayuan Pulau Kelapa at Ruru Galery

Rayuan Pulau Kelapa at Ruru Galery

Highlights: Paintings of women in 1950s hairstyles and clotes, paintings of Indonesian icon’s artist Ismail Marzuki, comedian-siinger Benyamin Sueb, pop-singer Chrishye, and Koes Ploes Band, and an old fake-stuffed Bengal Tiger, with a broken tail.

3. SigiArts. Jl. Mahakam 1

Pretty edgy and avant garde, this gallery shows works of established artists. Currently their showing Taxu 2008, a group of Balinese artists who wants to break from from the stereotype of Balinese art.

Highlights: Nude #4, nude self-portrait of artist Gede Mahendra Yasa.

4. Biasa. Jl Kemang Raya

A Balinese brand that sells comfortable and fashionable clothes using natural fibres. I was there today and their clothes are just pretty and very versatile. Lots of buttons and knots and they very rarely use zippers. Downside is they’re pretty expensive (I could not afford it with my small journalist earnings). The good thing is, next door there’s Body and Soul, which sells pretty cool dresses as well.

Highlights: Dresses than can be used in three different ways.


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One Response to “Check these places out if you have time”

  1. nyscha Says:

    I drool over the display windows of Biasa, too. You could try out Triplets for a similar concept in clothing (knots, tears, oddly placed zippers, 417 ways to wear a single piece of clothing, etc) at somewhat lower prices.

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