One Dinner Conversation


This rare finding from an Indonesian language text book in

“Dear, what’s with all the food?” asked a mother to a daughter during dinner.

“Well, I read in a magazine that the key to a healthy diet is to get yourself thinking that you can eat anything, anytime and anywhere,” answered the daughter, preparing to go into the details of why the slight shift in view point can make the largest difference.

The father glanced at the amount of food the young lady had fixed up for herself and muttered, “Why don’t you just eat the magazine?”


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2 Responses to “One Dinner Conversation”

  1. anandaayu Says:


    – I don’t remember that Wati was so vile. Is that Budi she is punching, and is that little Iwan that Budi’s holding?

    – What magazine was it?

    – What food was she eating?


  2. lovelli Says:

    Same here.

    There are many possibilities to answer your questions. I also don’t remember being taught that Wati is into violence. And I hope that is not Budi that she’s punching, or even if she did at least not in front of Iwan.

    The magazine was not an Indonesian magazine, and the food was certainly not beefsteak. The daughter is a vegetarian.

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