Bad ass blogging crimes


A day after Pesta Blogger and the celebration of Indonesia’s bloggers, seems our hoster WordPress has been called to help the Jakarta Police fight the heinous crimes going around on the interwebs- in this case, someone posting a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad.

It contradicts some law made this year by “disseminating information which would create rivalry among religious communities.” Apparently.

What’s really confused me is a quote by Jakarta City Police ( I’m getting this from via the Jakarta Post):

City Police special crimes director Commissioner Raja Erizman said police had traced the website and found it was created outside Indonesia.

Hmmm. Maybe I is stupid, but couldn’t that make things a bit inconvenient for the city police, given they usually have jurisdiction limited to Jakarta? Let alone staying within Indonesia. They’re gonna be making some work for themselves if they’ve decided to apply Indonesian law to the whole of the crazy world of web.

Imagine if they try to do this with the porn law. Take pity on Jakarta city police officers having to fill out that much paper work.  And anyway, you only have to look at Google’s search trends for porn in Indonesia to discover it’s actually Jogja, not Jakarta, that’s been getting hot under the collar the most.

I know nothing about this blogger, his/her blog, or the cartoon they have published. And plus this whole argument was discussed to death when the Mohammad cartoons controversy was going on. So I won’t go into it except to say that I side with the freedom to parody everything, including all religions, fairly and equally. Particularly when there’s something to say. Though I question the need to incite and insult people/religion/government for the sake of it, I defend to the death the right to do so.

So will WordPress help out the city police on their ambitious quest or not? Sending them an email to ask, will post response if I get one.

Not that Indonesia needs WordPress. Not with their supersonic blogger-location device! 

“Communication and Information Minister Muhammad Nuh said his office had a tool to detect the blogger’s whereabouts.”

Oh god, no, not the tool! Please not the tool!

In the spirit of bloggers disseminating information to create rivalry between religious groups, I lead you to the following cartoons. (Am too chicken to test how ridiculous this defamation law is by posting here. I like Indonesia and do not wish to be smited by the tool). Shout out to ma Muslim peeps, I bet you can’t find any cartoon this good about your religion!

Baby Jesus, one, two and three. From the “Lanover Baptist” website, “where the worthwhile worship, and the unsaved are unwelcome’. (For those with delayed parody censors, I think you’ll find it’s a joke. That includes you, City Police trackers. Santai aja ya!)


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3 Responses to “Bad ass blogging crimes”

  1. tbelfield Says:

    This is a great blog. Hope you keep writing…

  2. Hedi Says:

    the other day, police said it’s a little bit hard to find the guy behind that blog unless wordpress give all metadata about it. and now police describes different angle…hmm the song remains the same 🙂

  3. Words, justs words, and a moment of silence « Om’bak Says:

    […] are no rules. You can say and do as you please — so long as you steer clear of the topic of Prophet Mohammad. There is no need to adhere to strict news-cycle principles.The rules are the ones you set […]

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