Om’bak’s got no friends


Blogging. I’m a blogger. Shudder. I still can’t bring myself to give myself a label indicating that I log into a free online content management system, and type my feeeeeelings into a little box which I then post. Hoping someone, somewhere in the world will read it.

I had psychological hurdles to overcome before I started this. Years of “mainstream” journalism training had taught me to regard these blogging types as self-indulgent amateurs (writing in the first person, tsk tsk) who were directly responsible for the free-fall decline of the daily newspapers I had coveted employment from for so long. Crossing over to the dark side was only possible in the form of a group attempt with Om’bak. There’s not as much self-lovin’ if you’re doing it with five other people!

But the ‘blogosphere’ (ohhh, lingo!) has long overcome such anxieties and moved onto far more complex phenomena: blogging etiquette. To regular bloggers this is all a bit passe but I’m still learning my table manners. If someone’s got you on their blog roll, you’re kinda obliged to but them on yours? Shiiiiiiiit, Om’bak doesn’t even have a blog list. We are vary vary rude. Steph from Much ado about sumthin’ (who has stopped blogging but was one of the only blogs I ever read in Sydney) was always bitching about bloggy politics. I’m in way over my head.

Given Om’bak’s sincerest efforts to bring Aussies and Indonesian chicks together, I thought this post should be about my favourite Aussie and Indonesian blogs. Which was cool until this very sentence, right now, when I realize I actually don’t know very many. Betty loves Blogging is Ash, my smart-arsed friend from Sydney who’s recently taken the crazy jump into Jakarta and is ‘blogging up a storm’.  She introduced me to Go Fug Yourself, which has very little to do with Australia and Indonesia and everything to do with celebrities wearing shit clothes. But funny.

For Indonesians, for a little taste of Australian blogs try: Tim Blair’s blog. He’s an a Australian journalist with Sydney’s crappy tabloid, the Daily Telegraph, and loves shitting off the lefties. He’s politically incorrect but I love reading him. I did like him a lot better when his blog was on a different site to his main employer and there was anarchy in the comments, but oh well. There’s also Cablog or… actually you know what, all the blogs I read have been shut down, but they’re funny to read over anyway. Once again, borrowing from my much more blog-literate friend Betty- check out her post with a tabloid title: “Is Oz Blogging on its death bed?”

Australians searching for Indonesian blogs: The man might work in PR and regularly bag out the newspapers I have worked for in Indonesia, but I read Unspun every day. He’s got his finger on the pulse and I have learned alot about the country’s politics from him. I’ll also head over to Jakartass, Kopi Susu 2 and Treespotter regularly.

Great blogs, but I think they’re pretty well known. Over to you. I’m up for hearing recommendations of bloggy goodness, and maybe Om’bak can get its shite together and make a blog roll of its own. Also if you’re a blogger and read this site- comment and leave a link.

P.S: This post was a direct consequence of the guilt I am feeling for rejecting Pesta Blogger for a weekend at Pelabuhaun Ratu. Though I welcome the excitement of bloggers meeting in the “real world” (no really, will be good!) I really, really need a surf (attempt to).


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6 Responses to “Om’bak’s got no friends”

  1. CB Says:

    I do have a blog but it’s not particularly related to Indonesia or even current events really. I did come across a livejournal community blog ( which specifically exists for the purpose of connecting people with other blogs in foreign languages. I’ve had a look but there aren’t many Indonesians signed up to it (

    There is also the and communities as well.

    Hmm, can you tell where I spend most of my time?

  2. Nuntung Says:

    Ombak, is moving all the time !

  3. Jakartass Says:

    Welcome, and ta for the plug.

    BTW ~ “self-indulgent amateurs – writing in the first person, tsk tsk”
    Are you suggesting that journalists following, say, the Murdoch line are less indulgent?

    Writing for the joy of writing, or as a release of pent up thoughts, conveys much more than the mass media which is busy meddling with our psyches.The “self-indulgence” is, of course, the only free expression available, apart from shouting in a crowded street.

    Write on, bro’.

  4. bellesbits Says:

    Course I’m not suggesting that! I know a few Murdoch types and there’s surely a bit of indulgence- if not for themselves then to rile up the masses. Despite university indoctrination have learned this is not the case dong!

    Blogging is great, as is our freedom to choose which ones we read —or not read, like the thousands of ‘woe is me and my middle class typical life’ half-literate kind of blogs out there. And despite all the mainstream media’s faults, someone’s got to be on the ground doing the straight reporting and story assembling that the blogs gorge on to feed their opinionated posts.

    Or maybe we need to work out a way of feeding on-the-ground journalists without the use of self-indulgent ideological media conglomerates. Any suggestions, get in touch.

    Ew ew ew- another good blog i forgot to mention: . Cek it Cek it

    Hey CB- you didn’t tell us the address of your blog!

  5. CB Says:


    But I warn you it’s probably not very entertaining to anybody not me. Don’t expect any in-depth political commentary.

  6. Words, justs words, and a moment of silence « Om’bak Says:

    […] justs words, and a moment of silence By jemise The words “blogging”, “blogger” and “blog” have started to appear on our … um … blog of late. It […]

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