Current affairs


My first attempt on tetrameter

will have an eclectic blend

of adjectives in jigger:

mad, perturbed, glad, saddened

paint just how I feel currently.

The state of the world, possibly

is the culprit for this volatile

mood. See, a rich pedophile

bragged about his child-bride

on national television.

Meanwhile, lawmakers passed that bill on

anti-pornography with pride

It makes me mad, perturbed, and sad.

I’m crestfallen, it’s just so bad.

It’s clearly bothersome.

The law criminalizes women

and art for being awesome.

And for the marriage, it’s an omen

of an innocent childhood lost.

We can’t have that whatever the cost.

Well, at least one thing made my day

The lanky Obama won today

Thousand miles apart I saw him chant

“Yes we can!’’ He sounds lyrical,

Giving a speech so historical.

I bet that SBY will want

That catchy phrase in bahasa

Translated: Ya, kita bisa!


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2 Responses to “Current affairs”

  1. bellesbits Says:

    Kita bisa! Kita bisa!
    Today I’ll become an American kisser!

  2. nyscha Says:

    Successful first attempt, this is awesome.

    Kita bisa!

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