Sexx Laws


Oh, Abu Bakar Bashir. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s your lips, cherry red, almost pulsing with sexuality. Your stare, beady, all knowing. Your lazy bedroom eye, oh, yes, point me in the right direction.  That hand, held ever so slightly effeminately, it keeps me wondering, you mystery man you.

So. Much. Desire. So. Very. Very. Illegal.

Yeah. So. New Pornography bill. Awesome stuff. It got passed today, in great urgency to protect woman and children.

In fact, Indonesia’s been so caught up in the banning of sexual desire that they’re still mulling over whether a 43-year-old Muslim cleric who married a 12-year-old girl called Ulfa has done anything wrong.

Nah, but seriously, it’s all cool. He’s treating her well. “If she hasn’t menstruated, I won’t have sexual intercourse with her,” said Puji.

Sweet as, Puji. ‘Cause here I was thinking there was some major child exploitation going on! Reeeelaxxx!

This from The Jakarta post:

An ulema at the Soko Tunggal Islamic boarding school in Semarang, Nuril Arifin Husein, strongly criticized Puji’s marriage to the girl.

“If he claims to be a syech, which means professor, he should be a role model for the community. In Islam, a marriage should be a union of the same stature. What he has done is clearly against Islamic law,” said Nuril.

Yeah, but let’s go through all the proper procedures, take our time, reflect over it before we do anything to address the situation. This is a Muslim cleric we’re talking about after all.


Who cares if two entire factions of the parliament walked out on debate! Pass pass pass! PROTECT THE CHILDREN! PROTECT THE CHILDREN!


Puji said he met Ulfa’s parents for their consent and that Ulfa had also agreed to the marriage.

“So, what have I done wrong? My reasons stem from a book titled Aisyah Saja Nikah Muda (Aisyah Herself Married Young), written by Ummu Aisyah.”

Hey, yeah! She was like the same age! Now there’s some approval from the higher authority!

But back to the Porn law! From the Post:

“We are very happy with the result of our struggle to protect children, and also to protect women,” said Lasmiantini, of several groups who supported the pornography bill.

“If our husbands are (exposed to) pornography then our families will be destroyed.”

Now our children are safe,” said Lasmiantini, chairwoman of Salima’s Bekasi chapter.

Cries of joy and shouts of Alhamdullillah (praise God) came from the balcony of the House of Representatives’ plenary hall as the gavel was struck to mark the passage of the controversial bill on pornography. 

Alhamdullillah indeed.


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12 Responses to “Sexx Laws”

  1. Ashlee Says:

    One of the other issues to do with the “protection of children” that is perhaps a little more pressing than banning dirty talk, bikinis and titty mags is that there appears to be no law in this country to protect child victims of crime.

    Correct me if I’m wrong anyone about the law here, but that poor kid having her name splashed across the newspapers isn’t going to help her mental health situation. She’s already a victim, let alone being a victim of the media as well. (Yes, yes, I’m part of the machine, but some of us try to have some ethics).

    In Oz, that would not be allowed. Victims of sexual assault are not named no matter their age (unless they choose to out themselves in the media by giving interviews and what not), and children who are victims of crime are not named. Unless they are dead or missing persons… Is that right? I think it’s roughly right. That’s why papers have legal departments. Anyway.

    I’m guessing this is not the case here, because I have seen a couple of stories about rape that have named the victim as well.

    Surely this is a protection that people should be rushing a little bit more quickly to put in to place. Laws to protect victims — like 12-year-olds being married by dirty old men who use their religion to mask their immorality (Catholic church child abuse cases anyone?) and are desperately waiting for their baby-faced “wife” to get her rags so it’s ok to sexually assault her because some book that was written in a completely different time and place says so if you squint really and read the words backwards or something — now that’s something that should be rushed through the parliament damn fast.

    There’s so much other stuff for the lawmakers to be fixing right now. In the words of my mother, when taking myself and my then 11-year-old sister to the Moulin Rouge in Paris, “a bit of tit never hurt anyone”. Seriously. “Banning” porn isn’t going to fix anything. Does anyone remember prohibition? I don’t, but I heard it didn’t go well.

    OK, end of really lengthy rant. Good post Bel.

  2. Ashlee Says:

    And is it just me (or the distortion that often occurs at the periphery of a photography taken with a wide angle lens) but does Abu seem to have a rather big hand in that photo? You know what they say about big hands… *wink*.

  3. Jen Says:

    So I guess we won’t be able to by porn at Ratu anymore, right? Since that was the whole point of this? Right? Right?

  4. Lee Says:

    The justifications for this bill are ridiculous.

    “Now our children are safe” – nevermind violence, rape, disease, poverty, and starvation (just to name a few) we have gotten rid of pornography! Hazah – quick get out the champagne!

  5. Suicidalcat Says:

    Caught my parents having sex one night a long time ago.
    Scarred me for life.

  6. nyscha Says:

    Thank God someone’s thinking about us! I was fuming at the frustration of being a terribly sexy female in danger of being visually harassed, but alas, the bill’s been passed so now I am safe.
    I really hope this bill will protect me from all the uncontrollable sexual desires I incite in men.
    I hope my children will be protected as well, because even though they are hungry and sick without proper health care and/or education, they will be saved from the dangers of seeing Meagan Fox on the cover of FHM in a bathing suit.

    I am truly blessed to live in a country where the government uses their subjective interpretation of Islam as a basis for their national laws because Islam is truly a fair, logical, non-discriminative religion, as they have proven with this bill. These Islamic fundamentalists bring no shame whatsoever to their religion because they truly show us, the public, how Islam promotes peace and rationality, because porn is anything but peaceful and I’m grateful that now I am safe and peaceful. They’re so very rational.

    Thank you, FPI. You are my heroes.

  7. Suicidalcat Says:

    ooh ooh, pass this around.

    Bali’s People Component (or Komponen Rakyat Bali or KRB) is preparing a legal challenge to the porn bill in two to three weeks.
    I Dewa Gede Palguna (Noted advocate and ex-Constitutional Court Jurist who is now KRB’s legal adviser) predicts that the legal fight itself may take up to nine months.

    If you want to help or add you name to the list of grieved plaintiffs (which is already turning into a long list of painters, sculptors, musicians, reporters, etc), call 0361-257080 or 0361-257081.

    If you want to show your support in a less personal way (which means campaign donations), you can send money to Bank Central Asia (BCA) account number 6700194343.
    *Disclaimer: Money in account will get audited every six months or so and contributors will get a copy of the audit report so you’ll know what they’re doing with you money.

    See you on the other side 🙂

  8. Ganjarno Says:

    The degree is which liberally-minded Muslims will go to defend their faith is admirable. But the root problem here is Islam’s treatment of women and attitude to sex.

    Muhammad married his third wife when she was six or seven. The pederast cleric uses this fact to justify his marriage. Critics have said one marriage cannot be compared to the other, that Muhammad married Ashya to advance her education. However it is generally agreed that Muhammad consummated that marriage when Ashya was nine.

    I think that historical coupling can be forgiven to a certain extent because the marriage too place in a more barbaric time. To a certain extent. I really don’t think having sex with nine year olds has been acceptable anywhere at any time. It is not even acceptable amongst short-living tribal people in the Amazon. The Fijian cases highlighted by Margaret Mead were exceptions and her work is viewed with suspicion now days anyhow.

    If people continue to justify Muhammad’s marriage as right and good then they will continue to have allow for people like the cleric to argue their case, because in at least one historical case an underaged coupling was unjustifiable.

    We need to be able to say that some passages and attitudes in the Koran, Bible, etc, are vile and should play no place in civilized society. But I think that it is difficult for people to accept that until they accept that the Koran, the bible, were written and put together by men with agedas… (as far as I am concerned, one by successive generations of men vying for political power against the gnostics and their version of the truth, one by a warlord who learned that he could use religion to undermine the existing powers of his time and extend and prop up his own political power and personal fortune).

    People need to address the root problem, which is the religion and the religion’s founder. But this is extremely difficult for Muslims because the Koran is regarded as perfect and Muhammad as a perfect man. Even liberally-minded or rather people who allow themselves to be fully rational and ethical despite their religion resort to specious justifications that are illogical and hypocritical. If only they would take off their mental chastity belts and engage in some serious free thinking, perhaps Indonesia would go some way to being less hypocritical and corrupt than it currently is. Perhaps there wouldn’t be so many peadophilic clerics and Mosque visiting political leaders with dozens of wives who own millions of acres of rainforest that they are steadily cutting down for their own personal profit.

  9. Ganjarno Says:

    I meant “…because in at least one historical case an underaged coupling was justifiable.” end of third par

  10. nyscha Says:

    Ganjarno, religion is a subjectively understood concept, so saying that the root problem lies in the religion and its founder makes religion a fact, which it isn’t, it’s an interpretation, like most things in life, and a historical story.
    Maybe the root problem is misperception due to negative stereotyping. Maybe the root problem is lack of personal understanding. Maybe it’s lack of education. Maybe the root problem is frustration due to a non-existent sex life. Who knows? Every single person and every single situation is different.

    To blame a religion as a whole for the (subjectively speaking) ‘fucked-up’ things its followers do isn’t very rational. It actually contradicts human ratio because religion is an object, a dead thing, and you can’t blame objects. How the rationale of a human being interprets this object is the root problem and that unique and personal working of the mind has nothing to do with Islam as a whole.

    I agree that all Holy Books (Koran, Bible, etc…) were written by man and some may have had a personal agenda in mind, others may have not. The point is you don’t know exactly what the writers had in mind, nobody knows but the writer himself, and you can’t discredit something based on your own assumptions. The Koran and The Bible are beautiful pieces of literature. Whatever energy, whether positive or negative, you get from reading that literature depends entirely on yourself.

  11. our lady statues Says:

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  12. Ganjarno Says:

    That religious texts are beautiful pieces of literature to be interpreted as we choose is a very modern view of religion and not one thought highly of by the mass of faithful. Muhammad’s betrothal to his preteen wife in a historical and not open to interpretation. When that historical fact is made divine it is very easy to justify marrying girls at an age too young for them to grant consent because to be critical of a fact in the life of someone regarded as divine is almost apostasy.

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