The Frankenstein of Feminism


“The beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.”
Dr. Victor Frankenstein, upon viewing his creation.

The rise of Sarah Palin has been a great source of amusement to me, a teeny weeeeny bit because of the distress it’s brought on the liberal women’s movement, leftists, et. al.

Where I stand on the political spectrum (which, I hasten to add, is now less a line than a chaotic bunch of squiggles drawn by someone on a climate change/globalisation/fundamentalist acid trip) is not fixed. There’s a tiny little Mr Hyde that pops out in mad delight whenever the conservatives bring out a figure that gets the pundits — known from now on as the ‘Sarah Dudes” —hot and heavy.

I think I’m able to delight in leftist pain because I like irony, and in my mind Palin could only be the product of some higher power’s wonderfully satirical sense of humour.

Let’s start with her version on the origins of the universe (God put the dinosaur bones there to test our faith!). Back at you Sarah. I think the Almighty Feminist Goddess put you on this earth to test our faith in her philosophy.

I think the purists can be forgiven for doing some soul-searching. After being told by our mothers and our militant feminist university lectures, after reading under the covers our dog-eared copies of ‘The Female Eunuch’, that all women needed was choice and options and in turn the world would be cured. From this philosophy of human equality would spring a new generation of female leaders who — in the words of my fun ‘womyn’ friends at uni — would ‘fuck up the patriarchy.’

Sarah Palin has chosen. She’s got it all- a bunch of brats, a university education, a husband backing her career, and people are talking like the woman has a shot at being president, if this not election then the next. Backed by legions of male supporters who are blind to the two male presidential candidates in their adoration of her.

To all those women despairing over Obama’s pre-selection win over Hillary — “we just lost our chance to have a woman in the White House” etc — don’t. Heeeeeerrrrreeeeeee’sss Sarah!

And then I read about Palin’s conservative supporters calling on the McCain campaign to have her be ‘let loose’ — i.e: let her air her views about books (ban ban ban in the local library),  abortion (not even in the case of rape) and Pakistan (fight terrorism there without the government’s consent).

Oh God, my sisters, we’ve created a monster.

The warrior women who led the charge against the patriarchy are left muttering at their treasonous foot soldier with her own new testosterone-loaded army. She’s not quite the type of female leader they had in mind. Their argument is that being a female leader means your politics should be those that, in their view, protect  other women. That war itself is a tool of the ‘patriarchy’. That a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion is a cornerstone of feminism.

So the question, I guess, is whether subscribing to feminism also obliges you to a whole gift-wrapped package of liberal ideological beliefs.

Pfft, I dunno.


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4 Responses to “The Frankenstein of Feminism”

  1. delilah Says:

  2. September Says:

    I can’t believe you left out the part where she’s hot… In a.. older conservative librarian kind of way..

    Aaww come on guys (and girls-who-like-girls)! Don’t tell me you never imagine her getting rid of that silly puffed up hair while doing the lux-commercial hair weaving thing to get wild between the bookshelves corridors!

    No? aaww….

  3. sansicarus Says:

    September, that’s wrong on so many levels.

    The answer to the general question though “whether subscribing to feminism also obliges you to a whole gift-wrapped package of liberal ideological beliefs” is, unfortunately, yes.

    I’m a man, and don’t feel any particular solidarity or like for many of by gender, but I’ve got to deal with it.

    The Palin/feminism thing probably illustrates best that the eventual goal of feminism should be that we don’t need to distinguish between people as male and female except biologically. The real battle should be between the narrow and the open-minded, and there are men and women on both sides of that fence.

  4. Everyone Else is Palin’ in Comparison | Whose god do I have to screw to get elected around here? Says:

    […] are, however, two good things about Sarah Palin. The first is that she’s confused some feminists. They want all women to have equal choice and options (and rightly so), but they’re not sure […]

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